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Division Policies

Policy IC - Student Attendance Areas
Policy ICA - Changes to Attendance Boundaries
Policy IE - Student Attendance
Policy IECB - Foreign Students Admission to Schools
Policy IECC - Student Re-Entry into Schools Under Special Circumstances
Policy IFA - Appeals Concerning Student Matters
Policy IFC - Student Code of Conduct
Policy IFCA - Student Dress and Grooming
Policy IFCG - Tobacco and Tobacco-like Products
Policy IFCI - Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
Policy IFCJ - Student Violence, Use of Weapons and Criminal Offences
Policy IFCL - Use of Digital and Electronic Devices
Policy IGD - Student Suspension/Expulsion
Policy IGH - Anti-Bullying
Policy IGH - Exhibit 1 - Chart of Behaviours
Policy IHCD - Administration of Medical Assistance to Students
Policy IHCD - Exhibit 1 - Administering Prescription Drugs to Students Form
Policy IHCD - Exhibit 2 - Medical Condition Form
Policy IHCD - Exhibit 3 - Administering Non-Prescription Drugs to Students
Policy IHCD - Exhibit 4 - Information Sheet Asthma Attacks/Anaphylaxis
Policy IHCF - Communicable Diseases
Policy IHCF - Exhibit 1 - Common Diseases Summary
Policy IHCF - Exhibit 2 - Communicable Diseases Reference List
Policy IHCF - Exhibit 3 - Cleaning and Disinfecting
Policy IHCG - Nutrition Policy
Policy IHCH - Use of Service Dogs and Education Assistance Animals in Schools
Policy IHCH - Exhibit 1 - Parent Request Form
Policy IHCH - Exhibit 2 - Administrator Checklist
Policy IHF - Safe and Caring Learning Environment (Diverse Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression)
Policy IHFA - Student Supervision
Policy IL - School Sponsored Fund Raising

Coding System

The policy code system, uses letters A through J to identify major topical categories within which policies are placed.

The index identifies the major sections and gives a brief explanation of the type of policy topics that may be found under each heading.

Wherever the word Parent is seen on a policy this means a parent/guardian of a RESIDENT student.