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Curriculum and Instruction

Alternate Education Program (AEP)

Peace Wapiti Public School Divison (PWPSD) offers opportunities to upgrade course results, study additional courses, or complete the requirements of an Alberta High School Diploma or equivalent. Our Alternate Education Program (AEP) is free of charge and open to those under the age of 20 as of September 1 of the current year. We connect with students who have left school prior to graduation and those who have not found success in a traditional school environment. We also provide course options to students who are currently attending PWPSD high schools, and to home-schooled students in Grades 1-9. AEP team members work with students throughout the year to help them achieve their goals. In the 2015-2016 school year, 30 PWPSD students received high school diplomas through the program. 

Contact: Kate Thon, (780) 831-8357 or [email protected].  

Community School Liaison Workers

Community School Liaison Workers (CSLWs) provide information and support to families whose children are experiencing difficulties at home or at school; to cooperate with school staff and community agencies to prevent the breakdown of family-child-school relationships. Referral forms and further information are available at the school and may come from the school, family or individual.

Contact 1: If you reside within the County of Grande Prairie, contact a liaison worker at the County of Grande Prairie at (780) 532-9727.
Contact 2: If you reside outside the County of Grande Prairie and attend a PWPSD school, call Kaili Chernucka at (780) 532-6390.

Curriculum Coordinators (Literacy and Numeracy)

PWPSD has two Literacy and two Numeracy Coordinators that work to advance the programming and teaching of these vital subjects in Peace Wapiti.  Rowena, Adele, Nicki, and Leann can be contacted by viewing their positions on the PWPSD Support Services website.


Dual Credit Program

The Dual Credit Program at PWPSD  creates opportunities for students to earn credits in high school and post-secondary institutions at the same time, as well as opportunities for post-secondary course exemption and workplace certification.

Education Technology

PWPSD's Education Technology Coaches offer current and new technology support services to teachers, including group presentations, one-on-one working sessions, classroom mentoring, and leadership.

Indigenous Education Services

Indigenous Education Services functions to support the positive experiences and success of Indigenous students. 

Home Education

Home education began in 1923 with a request from an isolated farm family who wanted to provide an education for their children. This bridging of the gap between students and teachers was called distance education. It has evolved to what it is today; a very flexible and personalized program. Parents have the opportunity to have control over their children's education in a home setting with the assistance of certified teachers.

Information Technology

PWPSD's Information Technology Support Team offers technology services to office sites and schools.


Early Childhood Services (ECS) or Kindergarten programs are offered by most elementary schools in the district. Kindergarten programs run 475 hours according to provincial guidelines, while playschool hours vary from site-to-site. Program Unit Funding (PUF) is available for 3-year-olds who have severe delays. Programming may also be available for 4-year-olds who have a mild/moderate delay. 
Email Contacts: Heather Putio or Karen Chrenek   

Peace Academy of Virtual Education (PAVE)

PWPSD's Online School
PAVE offers complete and blended distributed learning programs for Grades 4 through 12, including adult upgrading. Course work is accessed through the internet using an online learning management system. The primary means of communication between students, parents and PAVE teachers is email; however, telephone, face-to-face and web conferences are also utilized.
Contact: (780) 864-3741

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