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Division Priorities

Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWPSD) has three priority areas that capture the important improvement work the division is engaged in: Student Learning, Equity, and Wellness.

Find more information about the Division's priorities in the 2025-2028 Assurance Plan.

Priority: Student Learning

Student LearningStudents and staff are engaged and committed to the learning process. Across all areas of learning, our staff develop engaging, evidence-based, instructional practices to support the personal success and achievement of all students.

Priority: Equity

EquityEquity is fairness or justice in the way people are treated. (Merriam Webster)
Educational Equity is understood as educators providing all students with the individual support they need to reach and exceed a common standard (Curtis Linton) and academic success.
At PWPSD, a commitment to Educational Equity ensures each student will be met with high expectations and provided relevant learning experiences to achieve the skills and learning necessary for success.

Priority: Wellness

WellnessPWPSD defines wellness as a state of functionality and sense of self that can be impacted by, but not limited to, our intellectual, emotional, social, and physical needs.

Our Teams

PWPSD has several teams that work independently and together to assist staff, students, and families focus on its priorities.


Peace Wapiti Public School Division inspires all learners to become confident, collaborative, and ethical citizens motivated with a passion to achieve a sustainable future.


Educating today for success tomorrow.