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  • EquityStudents, staff, and community members will feel a sense of belonging: affirmed, validated, nurtured, and represented; everyone (students, staff, and families) will feel safe, secure, and welcomes in their learning and school environments.

  • Every staff member will demonstrate an understanding of diversity, inclusion, and bias.

  • Every certificated staff member will continue their growth and mastery of the quality standard for their designated role. (TQS, LQS, SLQS in every dimension as these components are embedded in each one.)

  • Each student will have the opportunity to be successful with a high level of student engagement that is arrived at through relationship building and understanding each student's needs.

  • Our learning communities will represent educational experiences that are relevant and reflect respect for each student's individual cultural background, linguistic identity, and individual differences.

  • School and system structures and processes will be created, implemented, and reviewed to ensure authentic representation and diverse perspectives.

  • There will be an increased involvement with community partners, parents, and students to support PWPSD's equity priority area.

  • There will be equitable access to support for students and families through Student Services.


  • Everyone is welcomed regardless of ability, race, ethnicity, gender in all aspects of the school experience. Appropriate program support and placement are arrived at through data and collaboration.

  • Allocation of resources to maintain a Student Services department that can be accessed for student support, staff capacity building, and system development.

  • Awareness of, and adherence to, the standards documents with a specific focus on equity, cultural diversity, and inclusive practices. This may include system, site-based, or personal professional growth as a result of reflection and analysis.

  • Individual student consideration will guide classroom instruction and assessment.

  • Collaboration with professional staff and family or caregivers will support the commitment to the appropriate, evidence-based, best practices and high quality specialized programming.

  • Pyramids of intervention, continuum of supports are used as a starting place to provide appropriate interventions, adaptations, and modifications to respond and improve student success.

  • Collaborative pratices/meetings where teachers, parents, students, inclusive education teachers, and internal and external services meeting to discuss students, record their notes, actions, and conversations to ensure continuity and fluid transitions for all students.

  • Ongoing review and analysis of school and systems policies and procedures to ensure they support PWPSD's commitment to equity.

  • Parent and community involvement: Continue to seek out and understand diverse perspectives by providing opportunities for representation and voice.

  • System-wide Professional Development Plans to be developed to enhance understanding and expertise in the area of equity for students, staff, parents, and communities.