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  • WellnessWe will provide the school community an inclusive, safe, and caring learning environment.

  • Students will be supported in their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical wellbeing. There will be an increase in student wellness functioning and sense of self.

  • Staff will be supported within a wellness culture of care and support, and feel encouraged to make decisions to support their individual wellness.

  • Staff will develop and engage in a high capacity of universal wellness practices.


  • PWPSD Wellness Teams

  • A coherent approach that addresses the wellness needs of all leaders, teachers, staff, and students within the physical, mental, and social-emotional dimensions of well-being. (Building coherence between the workplace wellness polan and other school authority plans. E.g. OH&S, human resources, curriculum).

  • Comprehensice professional learning - wellness professional learning plan is comprehensive and integrated with the school authority's overall professional learning plan. The wellness plan provides for professional learning related to self-case, as well as supporting staff and student wellness.

  • Universal strategies: Mental health literacy for Grade 9 and all staff, focus on connections, trauma and behaviour-informed practices, Mental Health Mondays, site-based wellness teams at each school, structured collaborative school-based mental health meetings for triage, universal programming, and psycho-education training, and a comprehensive wellness team to support wellness outcomes with specific support and tiering system for students and professionals.

  • Inclusive Education Processes to support inclusive practiced, inclusive supports and transitions for each student with inclusive education needs.

  • Culturally responsive education in classrooms supported by professional development for Truth and Reconciliation, PWPSD Indigenous Education Services Team, and PWPSD Indigenous Education Plan.

  • Operational Health and Safety, nutrition programs, and healthy living focus in schools.

  • Key system supports as VTRA Protocol, Suicide Risk Assessment, and Bereavement Protocol.

  • Collaboration for joint planning and implementation. School authority and school staff collaborate with community partners to identify best promising practices.