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Dual Credit

Provincial Dual Credit Strategy

Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWPSD) offers dual crediting which creates opportunities for Grade 11 and 12 students to earn credits that count toward both a high school diploma and a post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree, including a journeyman certificate. Dual crediting also provides opportunities for post-secondary course exemption and workplace certification. For more information, visit Alberta Education's Provincial Dual Credit Strategy website.

The Dual Credit Strategy helps students:

  • get a start on their post-secondary education while still in high school.
  • complete high school while engaging in meaningful curriculum.
  • transition to post-secondary studies or move into the world of work.
  • potentially complete post-secondary with less financial debt.

What does it cost? 

PWPSD supports students, in partnership with post-secondary institutions, in the enrolment and completion of their post-secondary courses. 

  • Tuition: The school district covers the student tuition portion of the post-secondary program. 
  • Fees: Students are responsible for learning resource fees (LRF*) and a $300 Caution Fee.
  • Reimbursement of Caution Fee: Upon successful completion of the course / program, the $300 Caution Fee is reimbursed.

*LRF fees subject to change based on post-secondary rates.

Is Dual Credit programming right for me?

Students and parents must consider whether Dual Credit programming is the right fit. Post-secondary courses have increased expectations and timelines that students will need to manage alongside their regular high school programming. Many courses incorporate online programming. Students will be responsible for attending virtual or on-site sessions and meeting post-secondary timelines and expectations. Additionally, completing post-secondary course/programs through Dual Credit may affect first-year post-secondary awards, bursaries, scholarships and athletic standing. If you are concerned about this potential impact, please discuss with your school counselor or the post-secondary institution.

Education Partners and Programs

PWPSD partners with post-secondary institutions to provide a range of opportunities.

Grande Prairie Regional College
Dual Credit webpage:

  • GPRC offers individual courses. 
  • Application forms are available at GPRC.
  • GPRC charges a one-time non-refundable application fee of $70, payable to GPRC.
  • $300 Caution Fee, payable to PWPSD.
  • Students attend courses on campus (OC) at GPRC or online (OL).

Above: Darlene Horseman, Cree Language Instructor at GPRC, introduces Cree to Peace Wapiti Academy students.

​Courses: ​Pre/Co Requisites: ​Delivery:
​PY1040:  Basic Psychological Processes ​Eng 30-1 in progress/complete ​OC
​BA1010: Business Communications I ​English 20-1 or English 20-2 (>80%) ​OC & OL
​MA1130:  Elementary Calculus I ​Math 30-1 or equivalent​ ​OC
​​Foundations in Workplace Safety 
Available until 2020. Minimum age is 16.
​HCS3000 and HCS 3010
Minimum age: 16
BA1090: ​Introduction to Accounting ​Math 20-1 or 20-2 (>60%) English 30-1/30-2 in progress/ complete ​OC & OL
BA1150: ​Introduction to Computers in Business ​English 20-1 or English 20-2 ​OC & OL
​NT1521:  Introduction to Cree I ​Eng 30-1 or 30-2 in progress/complete ​OC
BA1090: ​Introduction to Marketing ​English 30-1/30-2 completed by end of academic year ​OC & OL
​OA2511:  Medical Terminology ​Eng 30-1 or 30-2 in progress/complete ​OC
​BA1380: Organizational Behaviour I ​English 30-1 or 30-2 (in progress/ complete) ​OC & OL
​NT1000:  Research & Writing in the Context of Indigenous & Settler Relations ​Eng 20-1 or 20-2 ​OC
​PY1050:  Social and Individual Behavior ​PY1040 ​OC

* Students are responsible for cost of any course textbooks or materials.

Course & Program Availability
Refer to the GPRC Dual Credit webpage to determine course schedules and availability. 

For deadlines and additional information, talk to your high school counselor.

Northern Lakes College (NLC)
Dual Credit webpage: 

  • NLC offers ndividual courses leading to full programs.
  • Application forms are available online.
  • $300 Caution Fee, payable to PWPSD
  • Students attend courses online, with some programs including on-site lab components.
  • Individual program descriptions are available on the NLC Dual Credit webpage: 

Above: Educational Assistants work collaboratively with teachers to provide instructional support to students and help with non-instructional tasks. The Educational Assistant Dual Credit Program is one of a number of programs offered to PWPSD students through a partnership with Northern Lakes College (NLC).  

Courses: ​Pre/Co Requisites:
​An Introduction to Society ​CO: English 30-1 or English 30-2.
​Canadian Politics: Institutions & Issues ​CO: English 30-1 or English 30-2.
​Health Education: Personal Wellness & Health ​CO: English 30-1 or English 30-2.
Interpersonal Communications for the Helping Profession ​CO: English 30-1 (60%)  or English 30-2 (70%).
​Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ​CO: English 30-1 or English 30-2.
​Introduction to Educational Computer Applications ​CO: English 30-1 (60%) or English 30-2 (70%).
​Introduction to English Language & Literature ​PRE: English 30-1 (60%) or English 30-2 (70%).
​Introduction to Statistics ​PRE: Math 30-1 or Math 30-2.
​Programs: ​Pre/Co Requisites:
​Educational Assistant (2 years)
English 10-1 (60%) or 10-2 (70%) and credit in Math 10C/10-3 to begin.  Some year 2 courses require Eng 30-1 (60%) or 30-2 (70%).
Health Care Aide (1.25 years) ​English 10-2 and Math 10-3 or higher.
​Introduction to Surveying (1 year) ​English 10-2, Math 20-2 or higher, HCS3000 & HCS3010
​Oilfield Operator (2 years) ​English 10-2 and Math 20-2 or higher, HCS3000 & HCS3010.
​Power Engineering 4th Class (2 years) ​Math 10C and English 20-2 (currently enroled).
​Water and Wastewater Operator (1 semester) ​English 10-2 and Math 10C. Recommend Science 10.

Course & Program Availability
Refer to the NLC Dual Credit webpage to determine course schedules and availability. 

For deadlines and additional information, talk to your high school counselor.

CAREERS: The Next Generation

CAREERS: the Next Generation has partnered with PWPSD to offer the Water and Wastewater Operator, Oilfield Operator and Power Engineering programs in cooperation with our post-secondary partner, Northern Lakes College. CAREERS: the Next Generation is also instrumental in career exposure opportunities such as Tour of the Trades events and the Aboriginal Summer Job Shadowing Program, offered annually to PWPSD students.

Above, left-right: Wayne Orosz, Shop Foreman at Ken Sargent GMC Buick, shares advice on the automotive mechanic trade with Peace Wapiti Academy (PWA) shop teacher Riley Morrison, PWA students Sydney Olderskog and Kattie Williams, and Susan Ramroop of CAREERS: The Next Generation. Supported by CAREERS: The Next Generation, Tour the Trades provides an innovative approach for students to gain firsthand experiences for consideration when charting their future educational and career paths. Trades featured on the tours are in high demand and provide an opportunity for students to talk with tradespeople on the job and learn about the trades and the steps required for certification.