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K-12 Registration

If your child is moving from one PWPSD school to another for reasons other than transitioning into junior/high school you must complete a 'new' student registration for the new school.
*Students transitioning from Wembley Elementary School to Helen E. Taylor School do NOT need to complete a new student registration.
1.  Create an account or, if you already have children enrolled at a PWPSD school, just sign in to your existing InfoSnap account. If you encounter issues creating an account, please review our step-by-step How to Register Online webpage or contact your school office
2.  Once you are signed into your account, complete the form. You will need to upload scanned copies or photos of:
    • your child's birth certificate
    • a piece of mail showing your home address
    • any court orders affecting your child
3.  You will be contacted after your application has been approved by the school office.
Note:  If your child is a returning student to the school they attended in June, do not complete the 'new' online registration above. Instead, complete the Returning Student Update Form found below.
*A feeder school is any PWPSD school that eventually sends its students to a different PWPSD school for junior/high school.
Returning Student Update Form for September
My child is returning to the school they attended in June, or transferring to a PWPSD feeder school. 

Parents of returning students will be emailed a Snapcode in September. You will need this code to complete the Returning Student Update Form, which opens September 6

The Returning Student Update Form is important as it is used to ensure existing demographic information currently on file, such as your home address and emergency contact information, is accurate. Please complete this form by September 30 once you receive your Snapcode.
Other Helpful Information
In August, school supplies lists, school fees, and Kindergarten start-up dates are posted under the Registration link on all school websites. You can find a complete list of PWPSD school websites here.

Temporary Declaration of Legal Name and Age Form

New student registrations cannot be accepted or approved until the school receives either a legal Canadian identification (typically a birth certificate that is attached to the online registration) or a 'Temporary Declaration of Legal Name and Age for Canadian Citizens' certificate. Once this Temporary Declaration has been sent to the school, parents/guardians have only 30 days to send in the valid legal Canadian identification.
Temporary Declaration of Legal Name and Age Form - Complete the fillable PDF online form and email it to the school of attendance.

How PWPSD Collects and Uses Personal Information

Learn about how PWPSD collects and uses personal information for education purposes by clicking here.