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Ward 8 - Trustee Millie Turner

Trustee Millie Turner

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MT ​Ward 8
Email: [email protected]


Trustee Biography

First elected as Trustee: 2021
Years served: Two

After moving to the Debolt area in 1973, Trustee Turner acquired a variety of skills being on the farm. Although she could manage nearly all the farm equipment, the combine and baler were her favourites. Together with her husband, and their three sons and daughter, she got into raising cattle, chickens, and pigs. She became proficient in bookkeeping, office management, and as a parts runner for their farm and construction company.
In 1985 she took on a new role as Spare Bus Driver for the then East Smokey School Division, which would later become Peace Wapiti Public School Division, until 1987 when she accepted a full-time position. She enjoyed her role as bus driver for the Ridgevalley area for 36 years, until her retirement in the spring of 2021.  

Community Involvement:
While her four children attended Ridgevalley School, Trustee Turner participated on the school council. She was also an active member in transiting the East Smokey School Division into the Northern Gateway for a short period of time before seeing the final transition into Peace Wapiti Public School Division in 1995. That same year, she took on the title of Ridgevalley School Bus Drivers' Representative, which she held for 24 years.

Trustee Turner believes the students, teachers, bus drivers and parents/guardians in the Ridgevalley area need representation, which is why she chose to join the PWPSD Board. Her goal, while thinking of all PWPSD students and staff, is to represent her community during decision making and to be a voice for Ridgevalley School.

PWPSD Committees:
  • Communications & Promotions
  • Grievance
  • Negotiating (Alternate)
  • Political Action
  • School Year Calendar
  • Student Matters (Alternate)
  • Survey
  • Teacher Board Liaison
  • Transportation Appeal