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Ward 1 - Trustee Martine Piebiak

Trustee Martine Piebiak

Ward Map and Contact Information

Ward 1
Eaglesham, Woking, Rycroft
Email: [email protected]


Trustee Biography

First elected as Trustee: 2021
Years served: Two

Trustee Piebiak grew up on a grain farm in southern Alberta. After completing her post secondary education, she went on to work a variety of jobs in retail, city parks, community gardens, plant tissue culture and tree nursery propagation. In 2005, she came to the Peace Country to work for the Provincial department of Agriculture. In the spring of 2008 she took a permanent position with her husband Ed at his family farm near Eaglesham. Farmer, homemaker and community volunteer, she is mother to three children ages 7-12. 

Bachelor of Arts Communication and Culture in 2001 from the University of Calgary; Diploma in Production Horticulture in 2003 from Olds College.

Community Involvement:
Trustee Piebiak enjoys people and her community work gives her a chance to meet others and bring positive change to the world around her. She is the past chair of Eaglesham School Council and Eaglesham Playschool Club, and is the current president of the Eaglesham & District Agricultural Society.

“Our schools are important places for learning and connection; they become the heart of each of their communities.  Reconnection and repair begins within our school communities. Staff are revitalized and help our learners flourish.  Working together as a board, within schools and across the Division is understood as both challenging and worthwhile.” Mrs. Piebiak's goals include:
  • Learn more about education
  • Bring a rural perspective to the board
  • Gain a better understanding of PWPSD policies and procedures
  • Listen to student, staff, and parents' concerns
  • Serve her community by representing it at the board table
PWPSD Committees:
  • Communications and Promotions
  • Grant Notley Scholarship Representative
  • Policy Review
  • Public School Boards Council (Alternate)
  • Rural Caucus of Alberta Representative
  • School Year Calendar (Alternate)
  • Survey
  • Teacher Board Liaison
  • Teamster/Board Liaison