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Inclement Weather

PWPSD Buses Operation During Inclement Weather


It is the responsibility of the parents:

  1. to access information about bus cancellations and school closures by listening to local radio stations or by checking the PWPSD School Bus Status webpage.

  2. to ensure all students riding on school buses from November 1 to March 31 have appropriate winter clothing. In those cases where children are not appropriately attired for winter conditions, the bus driver shall advise the parent, principal or supervisor of transportation.


Bus Cancellations Due to Temperature

  1. If the temperature is -40 degrees Celsius (excluding wind chill) or colder; or -45 with wind-chill or colder at 6:30 a.m. at a Key Weather Station Location (see Policy EEAF), the Superintendent* will cancel school buses in that High School Attendance Area. (See Environment Canada wind chill hazards chart.) From time-to-time, school bus routes may be cancelled when the temperature is nearing -40 degrees Celsius. Because temperature conditions vary from region to region, the decision to cancel buses is made as close to the local community as possible.

  2. Bus route cancellation information will be updated on the jurisdiction web page. 

  3. Bus drivers shall advise the parents of the students affected. 


Bus Cancellations Due to Inclement Weather or Road Conditions:

  1. The Superintendent* may cancel buses either individually or collectively when weather/road conditions constitute a safety risk to the students being transported.

  2. Bus route cancellation information will be updated on PWPSD School Bus Status webpage. Bus drivers would advise the parents of the students affected that buses are cancelled.

  3. The individual bus driver, after making a reasonable attempt that morning, is granted discretionary power to cancel or alter his/her route to ensure the safety of students being transported.

  4. Where routes are cancelled or altered at the discretion of the bus driver, it is the responsibility of that bus driver to advise the parents of the students, and the Superintendent*.

  5. In circumstances of inclement weather, schools will remain open whenever possible even if any or all school buses are not operating. Parents need to be aware that under extreme emergency conditions, the Superintendent may close schools.

  6. Under extreme emergency conditions:
    1. where students cannot be delivered safely to their destination, the students will remain on the bus until released to responsible adult care. 

    2. For the afternoon return trip, if, in the opinion of the Director of Transportation, students cannot be safely delivered to their destination, students will remain at the school. 

Students absent when buses are cancelled will be marked excusably absent and will not suffer any penalties for school attendance award programs.

* Superintendent or designate