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Critical Element: Dynamic Learning Environment


Knowledge, Skills and Aptitudes (KSAs) from Teaching Quality Standard:

        • a. (d) Teachers know there are many approaches to teaching and learning.
        • b. (f) Teachers create and maintain environments that are conducive to student learning.
        • c. (g) Teachers translate curriculum content and objectives into meaningful learning activities.
        • d. (h) Teachers apply a variety of technologies to meet students’ learning needs.
Professional Focus:
          • Teachers will create relevant and outcome based learning experiences which promote student engagement.
          • Teachers ensure instructional spaces are organized to maximize student learning.
          • The use of a variety of technology and resources is promoted.

Descriptive Statements:

        • Where possible, learning activities are related to real world situations.
        • Student interest is taken into account in instructional design and assessment.
        • Students are engaged in the development of desired classroom climate.
        • Teacher encourages students to explore and embrace their individuality and personality in a mutually respectful way.
        • Competency focused and purposeful use of social media is encouraged and supported.
        • Ethical citizenship is demonstrated and expected in all learning environments.
        • Teachers will facilitate learning in a variety of settings.
        • Students are encouraged to use appropriate technology to construct knowledge.
        • Teachers employ a variety of technologies to facilitate inclusion.
        • As required, teachers will guide students to flexible learning environments based on changing student needs and interests.
A dynamic learning environment is characterized by change, activity and progress. It is intentionally designed to meet the needs of all students while challenging them to enhance existing skills, interests and understandings, as well as meaningfully building new ones.
Such an environment incorporates inclusion, learning styles, technology and real world applications. It encompasses the classroom, school and broader community under an umbrella of mutual respect and collaboration.