PWPSD celebrates Indigenous Student Awards

Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWPSD) is honoured to celebrate its young Indigenous leaders through the 7 Sacred Teachings Indigenous Student Recognition and Academic Achievement Awards.

Today, the PWPSD Indigenous Education Services team hosted its first celebratory luncheon to honour eight Grade 12 students for their hard work and dedication to their academic, artistic and athletic achievements, engagement in culture, leadership, kindness, and resilience.

The 7 Sacred Teachings Indigenous Student Recognition Awards were presented to seven graduating students who exemplify the 7 Sacred Teachings: love, respect, honesty, courage, wisdom, humility, and truth. Students were nominated by their teachers and were gifted a custom beaded medallion with the animal that symbolizes their specific 7 Sacred Teaching, along with a certificate and a letter.

The Academic Achievement Award is a financial award and is presented to students who demonstrate academic success. This year’s recipient received $500, a blanket, a certificate and a letter.

Congratulations to this year’s award recipients on all their hard work:

  • Beatrice Reitberger (Love, Sexsmith Secondary School)
  • Kennedy Gamache (Respect, Peace Wapiti Academy)
  • Jared Wilson (Honesty, Beaverlodge Regional High School)
  • Rain Bertin (Courage, Peace Wapiti Academy)
  • Dale Horseman (Wisdom, Beaverlodge Regional High School)
  • Eli Ferguson (Humility, Spirit River Regional Academy)
  • Jayce Grey (Truth, Beaverlodge Regional High School)

Love Respect Honesty

Left to right: Love, Respect, Honesty

Courage Wisdom Humility

Left to right: Courage, Wisdom, Humility

Truth Chance

Left to right: Truth, Chance accepts his Indigenous Student Recognition Award for Cultural Revitalization from Barb Belcourt, Cree Language Instructor.

Grade 8 student Chance Senenko was also honoured with the first ever Indigenous Student Recognition Award for Cultural Revitalization. The award, which was created in honour of Chance, is given to a student of any grade for their commitment to Indigenous culture.

PWPSD’s Indigenous Education Services says today’s event was a chance to celebrate and raise up our Indigenous leaders. Indigenous Education Coordinator Brigitte Benning says, “This is a time to bring families together and thank them for the impact they have had through their children, and to let them know they have a community of people cheering them on in their journey. It is extra special as it comes just a day after National Indigenous Peoples Day.”

The Indigenous Education Services team members say they are overwhelmed with the amount of support today’s celebratory luncheon received and plan to make it an annual event.