Ms. Thompson Acting Principal of La Glace School for 2023-2024

Ms. Jennifer Thompson, who is currently Acting Principal of La Glace School, will continue in the role for the duration of the 2023-2024 school year.

Ms. Thompson, who has been with Peace Wapiti Public School Division since 2019, started as Acting Principal of La Glace School in January 2023. “I love La Glace School thus far! I feel very strongly that our small rural schools are the best place to support the growth and learning of our young people.” She says the community has been very welcoming and she’s looking forward to helping La Glace School continue with its extraordinary work.

Ms. Thompson is a graduate of the Teacher Education North program and holds a Master of Science in Educational Leadership. She began teaching in 2008 and has taught students from Grade 1 through Grade 12. Ms. Thompson has worked in administrator roles for the past 13 years.