Updated School Re-entry Guidance Documents, October 8, 2020

On October 8, 2020, Alberta Education supplied the following updated information to school boards. 

  1. Alberta's Daily Health Checklist: Parents/guardians, students and staff should review this checklist daily. No info has changed, but the symptoms that legally require someone to isolate are now highlighted in grey. A printable PDF is attached. 

  2. If a student shows symptoms: Alberta Education has developed this document in response to school boards' requests for simplified information about staying home when sick/when to return to school. A printable PDF is attached. 

In addition to the information provided by Alberta Education above, Alberta Health Services has developed a new website: 

To further help parents/guardians and families understand what is expected of them during COVID-19, there is a new Alberta Health Services website: Guidance for Parents of Children Attending School and/or Childcare. It contains printable PDFs explaining what to do if a child has symptoms or is a close contact. 

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