COVID-19 cases confirmed at two PWPSD schools, outbreak declared at Peace Wapiti Academy based on two past cases

Grande Prairie, AB  On Wednesday, November 4, 2020, Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWPSD) was advised of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Harry Balfour School (HBS) and Whispering Ridge Community School (WRCS). Administration at both schools communicated the following information to families and staff yesterday:

  • Wednesday, November 4:          A single confirmed case at HBS.
  • Wednesday, November 4:          A single confirmed case at WRCS.

Out of respect for the individuals, and in accordance with Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines, no further information will be shared about the cases. PWPSD, HBS and WRCS wish the individuals a safe and speedy recovery, and will continue to work closely with AHS to ensure necessary measures are in place to protect all students and staff.

In-person learning continues at HBS; week-long shift to at-home learning ongoing at WRCS

In-school learning at HBS will continue as usual for all students not identified by AHS as a close contact. WRCS is currently under an Alberta Education and PWPSD-approved short-term operational shift to at-home remote learning for the remainder of this week until Friday, November 6.

Outbreak declared at Peace Wapiti Academy based on past confirmed cases

The two past cases at Peace Wapiti Academy (PWA) that were confirmed on Friday, October 23 and Friday, October 30 meet the Alberta Health definition of an outbreak in a school"An outbreak is declared when there are two or more confirmed cases in a school setting within a 14-day period where disease could have been acquired or transmitted in the school." This morning, the attached letter from AHS was emailed to all PWA parents/guardians and any staff or visitors who may have been in the school on October 19-20 and 26, 2020.

HBS, WRCS and PWA operational information

  • The plans set in place to create zones and cohorts have worked as planned, and helped in the successful completion of contact tracing with AHS.
  • AHS will provide all close contacts with further direction on testing and isolation instructions.

  • Remote learning opportunities will be provided to isolating students.

  • The schools have been disinfected.