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Learning and Instruction Coordinators

Our Learning and Instruction Coordinators 

PWPSD has two Literacy and two Numeracy Coordinators who work to advance the programming and teaching of these vital subjects within our schools.

Numeracy Coordinators

I am thrilled to be a part of the school support team at PWPSD. I was fortunate to teach a variety of grades in a variety of subjects in my first nine years of teaching. In 2020, after falling (back) in love with math, I completed by Master in Curriculum and Instruction of Numeracy.
My goal is to share the beauty and joy of math with others. I collect good math problems and passport stamps. #mathrocks
I am excited for the opportunity to fill the role of Numeracy Coordinator with Peace Wapiti Public School Division. Have been a classroom teacher for 14 years and working on my Master of Education Interdisciplinary - Educational Neuroscience and Learning Disabilities, I am passionate about using evidence-based practices in our classrooms to address the needs of our students.
My goal is to inspire teachers to get excited about teaching math.

Literacy Coordinators

Being literate is a critical life skill in our society. Hence, every time we advance a child's literacy skills, we improve their school experience, as well as their future quality of life. Yet, learning to read and write is very challenging for so many children. In order to address these learning challenges, I believe that a harmonious combination of effective classroom instruction and targeted interventions are crucial for success.
Over the years, I have served PWPSD in various capacities, as a classroom teacher, inclusive coach, and reading intervention coordinator. As we move forward into a new year, I look forward to serving PWPSD as we collectively advance our literacy instruction in the Language Arts classroom and beyond.
I truly enjoy being a Literacy Coordinator! Having the opportunity to work side-by-side with our teachers and helping students reach their full potential, is a rewarding experience.
My teaching career began in Edmonton, working with inner-city and ESL students. After meeting my husband, I moved north and joined PWPSD. Throughout the years I have taught at Beaverlodge Elementary School and Hythe Regional School, held the Teaching Coordinator position for the Mentorship Program, and worked as a Professional Development Facilitator for the Alberta Teachers' Association.
Through these experiences I have found that some of the best professional development evolves from collaborating with others. Continually striving to do our best opens the door for our students to do their best.