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Inclusive Education

Early Childhood Services
ECS or Kindergarten programs are offered by most elementary schools in the district. Kindergarten programs run 475 hours according to provincial guidelines, while playschool hours vary from site-to-site. Program Unit Funding (PUF) is available for 3-year-olds who have severe delays. Programming may also be available for 4-year-olds who have a mild/moderate delay. For more information, contact Karen Chrenek.

Helpful information

Kindergarten webpage

Contracted Resources
Students with sensory impairments (deaf, blind) and severe communication problems are served by the Peace Collaborative Services (PCS) team. Students must meet PCS criteria and are offered assessment and consultation services. For information about referrals, please contact Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWPSD) at (780) 532-8133.

Resources outside the district (i.e. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy) are contracted on an individual basis for severe disability children. Assessment and consultation for teachers and teaching assistants are provided. Please contact your school.

District Resources
Karen Chrenek 
Inclusive Education and Special Programming, including Program Unit Funding (PUF) for ECS

Inclusive Education Programs
Each school has resources available for inclusive education. Programs are developed for students in consultation with the special education/resource teacher and school Learning Coaches. Referral systems for in-school assessment, consultation and programming are school-based.

Inclusive Education Learning Coaches

Randy Carlstad
Bonanza, Savanna, Woking, and home schooling in Bonanza.

Karen Chrenek
Beaverlodge Regional High School, alternate placements, Early Childhood Services (ECS), Kindergarten and Program Unit Funding (PUF).

Diedre Crocker
LaGlace School, Robert W. Zahara Public School, Sexsmith Secondary School, and home schooling in Sexsmith.

Mandy Funk
Elmworth School, Beaverlodge Elementary School and Hythe Regional School.   

Arlene Salacki
Clairmont Community School, Ridgevalley School and Teepee Creek School. 

Carmen Moore
Bezanson School , Harry Balfour School, Whispering Ridge Community School, and homeschooling for both schools. 

Kathy Mykyte
Eaglesham School, Rycroft School and Spirit River Regional Academy.

Erika Walsh
Helen E. Taylor School, Penson School, Wembley Elementary School, and home schooling in Wembley.

Rowena Stewart
Literacy Intervention Coach

School Community Teams
Interagency teams (i.e. RCMP., Health Unit Nurse, Social Services, School representative) are available to provide support to families whose children are experiencing difficulties at home or at school. Access to school community teams for consultation and referral is available to all schools. Team members can be contacted directly or through the school principal or counselor.