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Inclusive Education

Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWPSD) school-based and centrally deployed staff work collaboratively with parents, guardians, community partners, and Peace Collaborative Services to effectively support all our students. We are dedicated to providing specialized programming that is child-centered, strength-based and developmentally appropriate. Our goal is to provide a safe, caring, welcoming, and respectful learning environment for all our students to learn and thrive in.
School Community Teams
PWPSD promotes wrap-around services and works closely with community partners such as:
  • RCMP
  • Children's Services
  • Alberta Health Services Mental Health
  • Family and Child Supportive Services
  • Peace Collaborative Services
  • Peace Wapiti Mental Health and Wellness, and others,
to provide support to our families in all of our communities. Team meetings may be initiated by any one of our partners, including the school and family members. 

Heather Putio

Assistant Superintendent
My journey through the world of education has been as exciting adventure full of learning and teaching. My teaching career started in Picture Butte, Alberta, followed by an itinerant position in PWPSD's northern schools, which we referred to as the Spirit River School District at that time.
After amalgamation, and between raising my four children, I participated in an interesting career that included teaching in kindergarten, upper elementary, and junior high. I enjoyed every age group and grew an interest and passion for working with my colleagues, supporting differentiated and specialized instruction.
After spending time as Coordinator of Special Education, and collaborating with many incredible educators and community partners across our division, I joined PWPSD's executive staff in a leadership role. Working with various coaches and supporting our students and staff at Peace Wapiti Public School Division has been a highlight of my career.

Karen Chrenek

District Principal
My teaching career began many years ago, and has provided me the opportunity to teach elementary and junior high grades in a variety of settings and schools. I have also worked as an Educational Programming Consultant, travelling to many schools in the northern part of the province as part of an Interdisciplinary Team to work with teachers of students with a wide variety of learning needs. I am honoured to act in the role of District Principal as it allows me the opportunity to work alongside many outstanding and dedicated educators.
"Seek opportunities to show you care. The smallest gestures often make the biggest difference." - John Wooden
Responsible for: Early Childhood Services (ECS), Kindergarten and Program Unit Funding (PUF)

Arlene Salacki

I started teaching at La Glace School many years ago, and my passion has always been supporting students and engaging them to learn. Most of my years in the classroom were in Division 2 (Grades 4-6), although I have taught Grades 2-8, plus facilitated a variety of Special Education programs.
I am currently working on my Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Inclusive Education, as I continually strive to enhance my knowledge and skills. I am thrilled to be part of the Inclusive Education team; the professional collaboration and our progressive journey has been very enlightening! Let's continue to address gaps and build bridges together; helping each student reach their fullest potential.
"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yates
Responsible for: Bezanson School, Clairmont Community School, Ridgevalley School and Teepee Creek School

Erin MacLelland

My teaching career began ten years ago in a small Grade 1 class in the corner of the library at Robert W. Zahara School in Sexsmith. Over the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to work with teachers and students throughout our division and the province who have inspired me to embrace change and broaden my understanding of what it means to be a successful teacher. I deeply believe that social and emotional learning are both integral parts of a well rounded education, and I have developed a passion for broadening my understanding in this area.
It is so excited to be part of a profession that is constantly evolving. I feel very privileged to be working as an inclusive learning coach. It is a position that involves so many rich opportunities to collaborate and learn alongside a diverse group of passionate educators and students with different backgrounds and perspectives.
"The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives." - Robert John Meehan
Responsible for: La Glace School, Penson School, Robert W. Zahara School, and Sexsmith Secondary School

Kathy Mykyte

I am honoured to work with the PWPSD coaching team. My educational experience is primarily in teaching Grades 6-9, but I have taught all grades at various times in my career. One of my education passions is math. It is my belief that life is complicated, math is not!
I truly believe we have many talented professionals in all areas of our school division. I enjoy working together and growing my knowledge in many capacities including CRM. I am always excited to see what the next day will bring!
Responsible for: Bonanza School, Eaglesham School, Rycroft School, Savanna School, and Spirit River Regional Academy

Mandy Funk

I am trilled to be a part of the Inclusive Education Coaching team! I started my teaching career in Grande Prairie after completing my BPE and BEd. For the past 15 years I worked as a classroom teacher, primarily junior high. For the majority of the time my focus was as a Learning Support Teacher.
I transitioned from Grande Prairie Public School Division, where I worked in various Inclusive Education roles, supporting staff, students and families.
I am local to the area and look forward to connecting with those who have positively impacted the lives of my children, family, and extended family. I always enjoy building new relationships and connections within our community!
Responsible for: Beaverlodge Elementary School, Elmworth School, Helen E. Taylor School, Hythe Regional School, and Wembley Elementary School

Victoria Baker

I am so excited to be a member of the Inclusive Education Coaching Team! I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of school settings, primarily at the junior and senior high school levels. I began teaching math and science, before quickly transitioning into Inclusive Education, which has truly captured my heart. Every child deserves to be in an educational environment where they feel welcomed, safe, and engaged.
I believe that a career in education requires continual growth, learning, and evolution. I completed a Master of Education in Special Education in order to further my professional learning and drive my practice forward. I am always looking for new ways to support the needs of the staff and students I work with.
I am enjoying the time I spend getting to know our school communities, collaborating with staff and working with students. I look forward to what each new day will bring, and the new challenges that come with it.
Responsible for: Beaverlodge Regional High School, Harry Balfour School, Peace Wapiti Academy, Whispering Ridge Community School, PWEC, and PAVE
Colony Schools, Beaverlodge Regional High School, Peace Wapiti Academy, and Peace Wapiti Enterprise Centre access support through referral.