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Cultural Conditions

A set of beliefs and commitments drive Peace Wapiti Public School Division. Decisions are built around ensuring these Cultural Conditions are met in all learning environments. Our success in meeting these conditions has a direct impact on the implementation of the Critical Elements of the Quality Learning Environment Model.

Numeracy and Literacy:
  • Foundational to student learning.
  • Basic skills are critical to acquiring, creating, connecting and understanding information.
  • Cross-Curricular – All teachers take ownership for numeracy and literacy. 

Honouring Diversity:

  • Accepting, supporting, and encouraging diversity of culture, race, sexual identity, religion, gender, beliefs and personal interest.
  • Recognizing and developing the potential of all students regardless of socioeconomics or academic level. 


Supportive Communities:

  • Organizational structures support communication and collaboration within and between schools and Peace Wapiti Public School Division.
  • Schools, families, communities and industries develop mutually beneficial connections.


Inclusive Environment:

  • Quality learning and care for all students.
  • Continuous and responsive support for all.
  • Seamless transitions between levels and schools.
  • Student needs and interests determine physical placement.